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3D SLP is an innovative company providing professionally-curated, speech-language materials to professionals and families working with children on language and literacy enrichment. 

We offer two different types of themed boxes, 3D SLP Original designed to serve children ages 5-11 and 3D SLP Jr. providing for children ages 2-5.  Our boxes are literacy-based and include: a fabulous book, custom activities/games, themed manipulatives and a thank you gift.  While our Original boxes focus on a Universal Design for Learning with Common Core Alignment, our Jr. boxes focus on the whole child and family-friendly carryover activities.

We are thrilled to offer both custom speech-language materials in a gift box format as well as downloadable products for on-demand needs.https://animoto.com/play/HBRLlbtFeMuKlVE9NLvp7g