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Philly Bound or Why I LOVE Being a Booth Babe;)

Philly Bound or Why I LOVE Being a Booth Babe;)


I would never in a million years have thought that I would refer to myself as a booth babe.  Booth. Babe.  Say, what?  But, that is exactly what I became in July 2014 at my very first booth at ASHA Schools in Pittsburgh.

3D SLP was a brand new baby.  I was scared to death to take the first steps into learning how to do something new and we were still two months from the launch of our very first box.  I knew that there was something inside of me starving to give back in a different way.  Being a HUGE advocate of literacy-based therapy, I was willing to put into motion (and in a box) the monthly planning and coordinating that I was doing for my own patients and work forward to sharing it with others in the hope that it might be helpful and meaningful to someone else.  In order to do that, I had to find a way to put my baby in its buggy and go see the world.  How ironic, that I would then become a Booth Babe.

Being a Booth Babe, is initially terrifying.  The first time around you just hope that you can share something intelligible about your product.  You know what it is.  Really.  You know what it took to get there. REALLY.  But, then your first customer wanders past and registers a moment of interest.  YES!  You think to yourself.  Come forward, I would love to share with you what I have been dreaming about and working on for months and hope that you will understand what it means to me.  Then, they come forward.  All I remember is stammering with a Vanna White wave..."This....is a box." Yes, yes it is.  My first encounter walked away with a kind and puzzled wave and I went back behind the table and blushed. 

Two years, three conferences later, I am ready.  Booth Babe has a rhythm that allows the whole thing to be FUN!  We love sharing what our boxes are about! Alison Schoenfeld, 3D SLP Jr. Curator, and I look forward to seeing old friends, folks we have only met on social media and meeting totally new friends while working our booth.  We know these boxes, we both use them every day in our own therapy and love to hear about what others are doing with their own boxes outside of the suggestions we make in our lesson plans. 

Booth Babes, why, bring it ON! See you soon!


Amy & Alison


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